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The Wheel Friends Podcast

Sep 15, 2021

Craig recaps his observations of Colorado's bike infrastructure after returning from vacation. Angry Colorado Listeners please call in. Steve takes the field recorder to the Bar after the Wednesday Evening Ride to ask some familiar friends some questions.


Aug 6, 2021

Craig tells the origin story of the bicycle as we have come to know it. But first a serious talk.

Grand Rapids DSA
99 Pledges Page

Jul 28, 2021

Steve took the field recorder out to Harmony Brewing Company to speak with his friend & coworker Jim Trout, an Ultra Marathon Runner and Endurance Cyclist, about his time in the saddle. 

Trout recounts riding across the lower palm of Michigan in his youth all the way to his most recent attempt at the Race...

Jul 14, 2021

Promo for Craig's new show with Joel about the future of Grand Rapids Transit. If you've got input or want to be involved text 616-209-9708

Look for the Grand Transit Podcast on Podcast Apps soon. 

Jul 14, 2021

Baxter Stockman is a roadie, Steve's gone car free, Steve tried a rental e-bike, brave new recruits in the War On Cars, it rained a lot, craig's ruining his new shoes, Steve biked to a date, Crash Corner, the big lame race had a cool big crash, Wednesday evening ride stories, Wrestling meets the velodrome & Some...