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The Wheel Friends Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

Just Steve & Craig shootin' the breeze and daydreaming. 

Talking Points: Mild Mild Winter, Commuter Encounter, Public Parks Shouldn't Close, PFOS not PFAFF's, Vegan Baked Goods, Private Shopping Hours, this is not a parts show, riding on cobblestones, Claymore Bike, Fairdale Taj, Bunnyhopping, the GR Bicyclist...

Jan 30, 2020

First new recording of 2020! Steve & Dustin are back with Craig in the studio.

We've got a new call in number! Not posting it here, I don't need any more phone calls from Atlantic City Casinos. 

Talking points: Bicycle ASMR, this is not sexual, two party consent recording, "Meet The Wires", Fuck You Rob Schneider,...

Jan 7, 2020

Oh boy, it's 2020! Here's an episode from when we were hungover after a Halloween Party. Remember 2019? Good times. 

The theme of this episode is returning. 
Steve went to Mexico, Dustin sick (he got better), and Craig went back to work.

Talking points: Dysentery, tales from the streets, New Steve, Biking in New York,...

Aug 16, 2019

Craig's friend Ian, a Jimmy John's Bicyclist, comes in to talk about bike delivery in Grand Rapids. Then they spend a great deal of time talking about some major problems with motorists. Craig also kind of convinces Ian to give Strava a try. 

Ian's band is Fire Kitten, check em out on Facebook. 

Aug 5, 2019

In this dog heavy episode of the Wheel Friends, Craig invites Mitch back into the studio to talk about the various ways to pedal with your pooch. 

They also talk about the new additions to the Grand Rapids Bike Park, Changes to the city's bike lanes in the next few years, an UBER hack for biking busy streets, Craig...